Top 5 Things You Must To Do Before You Sell Your Home

By Adil Esmail

How can you make sure that when you sell your home your going to get the maximum value out of your property? You need to change the way you think of your home and treat it like any other consumer product. Marketing will be key but it does not have to be hard. Before you put your home on the market there are a few steps you can take that will put you in control of the selling process. Here are the top 5 things you should do before you sell your home.

1. Do a Walk-Thru. Take a minute to objectively walk through your home to see what can be improved upon. Look for things a buyer might see such as pealed paint, stains, or small cracks in the walls. This will be difficult for most people as you have an emotional attachment to your house and it can be hard to find its faults. You may need to enlist the help of a friend and ask for their unbiased opinion.

2. Clean and Fix. Fix any cracks in walls or tiles and lay down a fresh coat of paint using more neutral colours. Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom as buyers tend to scrutinize these areas more. You will be amazed at how a new coat of paint can clean-up and brighten the look of your home. Next give your home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Remove the clutter and organize as much as possible. This is also a good time to purge any items you no longer need.


3. De-personalize your home. When potential buyers walk through your home you want them to picture themselves living there. This will be easier for them without pictures of family or friends around giving your home a more generic feel. Buyers will focus more on your home rather than thinking ‘I wonder what these people are like?’.

4. Rearrange or Remove Furniture. The trick to making your home look bigger is to remove some extra furniture you may have. Remember that less is more and a few well placed items will go a long way in creating a more open feel to your home. You may need to rent a storage unit but it will be well worth the extra cost.

5. Do a Home Inspection. Many sellers think home inspections are something buyers should do but this is not always the case. Doing the home inspection yourself and providing that information to potential buyers has a number of benefits. First, it will most likely prevent a buyer from putting a home inspection condition in their offer. One less condition brings you closers to a firm deal. Second, it gives you a chance to rectify any deficiencies that a buyer might use to reduce their offer.

A little planning and effort will pay handsomely in the end. By following these 5 simple steps you will be able to better control the selling experience, reduce the stress associated with selling and potentially increase the final price your house will sell for.

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