Things To Consider When Working With A Workers Compensation Law Attorney In Twin Falls Id

September, 2018 byadmin

If an insurer offers an injured employee a lump sum settlement for a worker’s compensation claim, they shouldn’t accept it right away. Insurers are in the business to make a profit, and their initial offers are typically for an amount that’s far less than what they can afford to pay. Before accepting a settlement offer, consult a Workers Compensation Law Attorney in Twin Falls ID and consider the below factors.

What Settling Means

If a worker is receiving a weekly benefit check for a work-related injury, a lump sum payment will replace them. However, if the employer’s insurance company is paying for the worker’s medical treatment, the settlement will not effect on it.


The Current Claim’s Value

To determine an appropriate settlement amount, the claim’s value must be assessed. Here, value refers to the amount the insurer is likely to pay out over the claim’s life. To find it, multiply the number of weeks left on the claim by the weekly benefit.

The Claim’s Extended Value

When the current benefits stop, a worker may be able to receive extended benefits. However, these benefits are usually 75% or less of the current amount.

The Potential for Continued Benefits

A client’s benefits will continue if they’re unable to work. However, an insurance provider will do everything possible to ensure that the worker is incapable of manual labor. Whether it’s hiring a private investigator or mandating periodic doctor visits, they’ll do what they can to stop benefits. It’s important to make a comprehensive assessment of the injured worker’s physical condition.

The Likelihood of Decline

If the worker’s condition becomes worse or they become permanently disabled, accepting a settlement may be a poor choice. A worker who becomes permanently and completely disabled because of an on-the-job injury is eligible for worker’s comp benefits that don’t expire; they’re equal to 66% of the average weekly wage, and they’re subject to periodic cost-of-living adjustments.

Consult an Attorney

A Workers Compensation Law Attorney in Twin Falls ID will evaluate the claim and assess the client’s available options so they can recover the maximum amount of compensation to which they are entitled.

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