The 360 Degrees Automobile Walk Around Vehicle Inspection Essential For Car Purchasers}

Submitted by: William Piker

If you are considering a purchase of a vehicle- be it car , truck, S.U.V. or even a bus then a walk around inspection of your prospective purchase may be the most valuable time spent saving you a great amount of time , money and expense and most of all heartache and aggravation. Not only that but by having more facts at your fingers puts you in the drivers seat so to speak in terms of negotiating price and terms with the seller of the vehicle be it a private sale or an auto dealer themselves.

Its an amazing fact but many auto purchasers do not take the time to even walk around and inspect their prospective purchase fully with a simple 360 walk around of the car. Perhaps their mind is elsewhere these days it is financing terms and even simple availaibility of financing for their new purchase. Perhaps they are just enamored with the vehicle from the start and want to purchase the car promptly as the early bird gets the worm. Nothing takes the place of a full 360 inspection before discussing purchase price and terms. Indeed one car purchaser only discovered after purchasing and examining the vehicle that the previous owner had only repainted one side of the car the drivers side as it was the only side of the vehicle he ever saw. Not only that but the set of more expensive impressive hubcaps was only placed on the drivers side as well not on the passengers side as well. The owners reasoning was that since no one could compare the hubcaps while he was driving the car it was an inexpensive means to spruce up his vehicle purchasing a partial set of impressive hubcaps? Of course the drivers side was the side of the car that got the upgrade.

What should an inexperienced or experienced vehicle walk around inspector look for and examine. First of all of course look for obvious collision damage. Of course most used cars will have the usual parking lot dings and scrapes and perhaps a bit more. However be on the attention to note extensive collision damage to the auto body or its components such as trim, light reflectors, mirrors, bumpers or the radiator. One should pay particular attention, especially in some more rust prone geographic area where a lot of salt is used on the roads in the winter, for rust on the metal of the car body. Always remember that in most cases the rust you see is the tip of the iceberg eating up from the metal base as opposed to being surface rust only. Next see if you can spot or note any obvious structural damage to the body or frame. This of course in addition to your inspection for obvious collision damage. By looking under the hood and listening to the engine and examining the exhaust you may quickly be able to note an engine or transmission drive train that is on its way out. Leakage of fluids radiator coolant, transmission fluid and engine oil under the car, on the pavement may be another indicator to watch out for and note.


In terms of the interior of the vehicle its anyones guess. Sometimes the best maintained mechanically cars are the dirtiest. Still at the worst calculate the price of having the car cleaned up to your specs as one of your out of pocket costs.

In the same manner have an estimate of costs out of your pocket when discussing price and terms in the purchase price of the car. If you are unsure of the price and complexity of any repairs that it is beyond your technical expertise, then it is never a sin to ask someone more qualified. Better a moment now spent in finding out than a lot of time, trouble and money down the road. In these days of portable cell phones its only a case of a simple call to your trusted mechanic, an auto repair shop or chain or at the worst a more automobile mechanically knowledgeable friend or family member.

By conducting a thorough and full walk around inspection you will be a much better position to both negotiate and purchase the vehicle or is need be walk away from the deal and travel further down the road so to speak on your automobile purchase quest.

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