Need More Space? Find Storage Containers In Long Island

byAlma Abell

Often people and businesses need more space than they have. It’s not feasible for them to move to a larger location, so they look at adding temporary storage to their site. They turn to Mods of NY to Find Storage Containers in Long Island. Their storage containers began as steel shipping containers. Therefore they are made from high-quality steel and constructed to withstand extreme conditions. They are very strong and secure. Very little maintenance is required. Renters are responsible for making sure that the doors continue to open. This requires that door hinges and locking rods be greased regularly.

It’s very easy to pay for a storage container. Cash, a company check or credit credit card is an acceptable form of payment. Mods of NY must receive the first month’s rental fee plus delivery and pick-up charges before they will release a storage container. After that, the rental fee will be due each month. If customers believe that they will want to rent the unit and then purchase it, the company will create a rent to own option from the beginning. They can begin to enjoy additional storage space as soon as their unit has arrived. Because it is a temporary storage solution, permits are not usually required.

Customers are relieved to Find Storage Containers In Long Island that can withstand the winds of hurricanes or the attempts of burglars to break into them. Each container has been designed to allow for all-purpose padlocks on each of the four door handles. If the storage container is kept in a vulnerable location or needs stronger locks, then a steel lock box configuration can be added. A lock box allows for a stronger container lock and prevents thieves from accessing it.

Each storage container container is also fitted with a ventilator to prevent condensation from building up inside of it. However, it’s always prudent to open the storage container on a regular basis to let the interior breathe. While these can be used to store materials of all kind, papers and other fragile materials should not be placed against the side. This is one of the locations where moisture can be expected to build up the most rapidly. When the customer no longer requires the additional storage space, it will be removed.