Is An Anti Wrinkle Injection A Good Choice?

Submitted by: Rena Graham

We have all given up searching for that elusive fountain of youth, which is why we look on to other measures to hold on to our youthfulness as much as we can. We rub on creams, serums and gels that promise younger and clearer skin, sometimes within a week or two. So we hang on to these promises, but it is only normal to look for much better options that can take these actions a little further. That is why anti-wrinkle injections became widely popular in the market.

Some may be hesitant on the fact that this can become a little more invasive than your topical applications. Some also worry on having to inject foreign materials into your skin, which has the potential to create allergic reactions. Although these apprehensions are based on realistic possibilities, anti-wrinkle injections are also known to provide impressive results.

Which is why it also attracted many patients because although it may require some invasiveness, it is less risky compared to surgical methods such as face lifts. Anti-wrinkle injections are also formulated to take action at a much shorter period, and it doesn t even require any down time.


Anti-wrinkle injection fillers already received FDA approval which makes them safe for use under the right methods and application. These materials are either made from attenuated or purified toxins, bacteria and other synthetic materials.

Although it is not a guarantee that it will not show untoward reactions. There are accompanying side effects which includes allergic reactions, swelling, redness and bruising. But most of this case will be minor. But in the case that you feel some symptoms which can be alarmingly uncomfortable already, you should immediately inform your doctor.

But some people are still willing to go for this option due to the fact that it is able to show results within 2-3 days time. This is a far cry from the months you have to wait for your anti-wrinkle cream to take effect or for your surgical wounds and scars to heal. Therefore we can say that it can provide efficient results at a shorter time.

However the downside to this is that, it is often not a permanent solution. Anti-wrinkle injections can last for 6 to 12 months, and by then you can have it retouched. But the catch here is that some people immediately fall that downward slope to overdone anti-wrinkle treatments.

Anti-wrinkle injections work great however there should be moderation on how you use it. Adding to this, it also a concern that people can obtain this through many sources, some of which are unsafe (e.g. Botox parties). Individuals interested in getting anti-wrinkle injections should ask it from reputable doctors and clinics. There are a lot of low rate imitations, and you would be lucky if it does nothing, the worst that could happen is that you end up with a botched result.

So to answer the question on whether it is a good choice; weighing the benefits and disadvantages, it can be said that it is a good anti-aging solution. You just have to learn where to look in order to get the best service that would yield a safe and successful result.

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