Emergency Notification For Schools: Ways You Can Be Prepared This School Year}

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Automated dialing is one of the most recent inventions of modern day communication. It is a cheap way to communicate a certain message to many people at once or at set times. This application is mainly used by institutions, companies and businesses to communicate to the many people under their service. This is done by having a pre- recorded message on the phone which is conveyed to the relevant parties at certain times or occasions. However, it is not legal to communicate in this manner to any person who has not given the consent to receive messages thus. An exception to this standard is when there are emergencies or sudden reports to give for instance in schools, hospitals and at the work place. Doctors use this service to notify and remind their clients on important appointments. Sales people use it to get to their various target groups and to also follow up on customers. It keeps one from the hassle of repeating the same message over and over again when calling may people.

We shall, however, in this article narrow down on the applicability of this service in schools for emergency notification and broadcasts. Using this application makes it possible to convey any form of message across to students, teachers and other staff. It is very useful especially when used as a tool for controlling a situation that could have otherwise gone sour.


Some of the occurrences and situations that can demand school alerts and emergency communication in a school setting include accidents in the laboratory, unrest among students, occurrence of any criminal activity, changes in passage ways, parent notification and sudden change of schedule or services. It can also be used to alert groups outside the school like board of governors and members of the parents and teachers association. The different tools you can use as an access point include mobile handsets, emails and home telephones. The automated dialing technique and emergency notification system allows you (the sender) to know which calls went through and which ones did not, and for what reason they failed to go through. It also allows you to either communicate exclusively to a specific group or to the entire school.

The first step in activating and using this system is to enlist dialing groups, to record relevant alerts and then to choose the recipient group. When you want to send the message, just press the star button, and automated dialing will be done. The recipient will get the message either automatically or on voice message, depending on their own settings. To get back to the caller, the recipient can press the reply option.

Automated dialing systems are cheap to install and maintain besides being very fast and convenient. This service is specially made to suit institutions of learning and companies. Another amazing plus is the fact that there is no need to install any hardware or software to enjoy the benefits of this service! Also, apart from being able to show delivery reports it also saves the messages on the sender’s system.

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