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This article sets out as an information guide on what you must know about cosmetic surgery before considering undergoing one. Cosmetic plastic surgery is an elective surgical procedure which is performed especially in the more developed countries where people are more affluent and want to look better.

People undergoing cosmetic surgery increased by leaps and bounds in recent years very often encouraged by very extensive medical breakthroughs and less expensive surgical procedures.

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most progressive in the fields of medical research. This is partly due to the widespread acceptance among women and increasingly also men who want to look better than what they are at whatever age they are in. To go under a cosmetic surgeon’s knife is no longer a taboo like it used to be in the past.

Today’s modern society’s pressures to look young, slim and healthy are driving more and more people to opt for cosmetic surgeries to achieve their aesthetic looks.


Although pictures can help when you are discussing your goals and expectations with your cosmetic surgeon, you should be realistic about it. The beautiful models whose faces and bodies you see in magazines and advertisements were usually born with what you see. They were already good looking in the first place and their faces are usually made to look even better with cosmetic touch ups. Their body shapes are naturally acquired because good genes, proper diet and regular exercise. Most of them have never undergone any cosmetic surgeries with only some exceptions. Therefore, you cannot reasonably expect to look very alike the supermodel or the movie star that you fancy.

However, using a picture of your favorite model as a starting point can give your surgeon some idea of the look of which you would like to own. Only after examining you can your cosmetic surgeon determine whether your aspirations are reasonably achievable.

A very important question you should ask yourself when you are thinking of undergoing a cosmetic surgery is, “Am I considering cosmetic surgery for myself or to please someone else?” It is critically important for a potential plastic surgery patient to understand that the decision to opt for the surgery should not be done just to please someone else. Yes, not even to please your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend or anyone else, but the decision is made for yourself.

If your reasons for considering a cosmetic surgery are that “My boyfriend would be more attracted to me if my breasts were bigger,” or “I will get better chances of getting dates if my nose is a little higher,” then you should not be considering cosmetic plastic surgery because these are the thoughts of a person who is insecure with low self-esteem.

It is certainly erroneous to believe that the world will change after the surgery. What if you do not get that date that you were hoping for? Will your self confidence crash? There are some research findings that indicate many cosmetic surgery patients suffer emotional scars and some are even prone to being suicidal, but that is for another article.

Then again, the personal changes made to your face and body after the surgery can certainly boost your self confidence and self esteem. For example, someone who has completed a successful breast enlargement surgery very often find herself standing up straighter and walking with more confidence in her gait.

Do go for a detailed consultation with your cosmetic surgeon to find out what information you must know the surgery you are hoping to do or even consult a psychiatrist for information if you think that the reason that you want to try cosmetic plastic surgery is due to low self esteem.

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