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Rcia Process Is A Call For Conversion To All

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By Elizabeth Guide The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults or RCIA is something you may see advertised in your parish bulletin but not really know something about. You may be asked to be a sponsor but not really know what it means or if you can even participate in the process. But over the […]

10 Ways To Get Your Zest Back

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By Becky Due Life is difficult when you realize you have lost your zest, when you have nothing to look forward to. Whether you are feeling rejected, feeling like a failure or just feeling down and lacking direction, these ten simple steps can help. Ive experienced heartache, loss, pain, depression, feelings of worthlessness, desperation, and […]

Beginning In Photography: Understanding The Light

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By Mark Eden Understanding how different lighting affects an image is half the work of creating better photos. This article aims to give a brief overview of the different types of light you might encounter as a photographer and how to use them to your advantage. Direct light Looking through the family photo album the […]