Are You Looking For Best Cosmetic Surgeon?

Are you looking for Best Cosmetic Surgeon?


Damian Walton

Cosmetic surgery can be defined as the reconstruction of underlying tissues, performed to improve and correct a structural defect or to remove a scar, birthmark, or normal evidence of aging. But to have a best appearance and perfect result we have to choose one of the best cosmetic surgeons. It is very difficult to search the best cosmetic surgeon so here is a detail of the few best surgeon of this world. These men are not only the best in their field for quality of care and reputation, but are also prestigious names in the business. They are:

1.Dr. Richard Ellenbogen – As a two-time recipient of the American Medical Association Physicians Recognition Award, Dr. Richard Ellenbogen is one of the more highly decorated plastic surgeons in the U.S. today. He was board certified in 1978 and today practices cosmetic surgery out of his Beverly Hills office that is decorated with museum-quality antiques. Dr. Ellenbogen is an advocate of the volumetric face lift technique, which makes the face look young again with an injection of fat from another site on the body.


2.Dr. Anthony Griffin – Dr. Anthony Griffin believes that minorities who have plastic surgery need not necessarily conform to conventional ideas of beauty. Dr. Griffin works especially hard to promote the newest and safest surgical techniques and he is a big believer in scar-free surgery, especially for ethnic skin types. He is frequently involved in pro bono projects in Africa, Asia and South America, where he helps children with deformities.

3.Dr. William Dorfman – Because plastic surgery isn t all about your skin and body, you may want to consider the benefits offered by cosmetic dentistry as well. Dr. William Dorfman is one of the country s leading dentists. He was recognized as the Best Aesthetic Dentist in Los Angeles by Los Angeles magazine and received two lifetime achievement awards from dentistry academies by the age of 42.

4.Dr. Nicholas Dr. Nicholas specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery and is sought after for his surgical skill and keen sense of aesthetic harmony. For these reasons, he has become a very popular plastic surgeon with A-list celebrities in the Beverly Hills area.

Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo is a world class Plastic Surgeon and

Cosmetic Surgeon

in NYC and NY and NJ.

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